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Alison’s Destroying Jeans, Jenna’s Gagging on Pumpkin, Greg is back!



Alison has a cooking/science question and she wants to know if #Al knows. Greg is back with a story of a memorial sandwich. Jenna made a video about pumpkin spice wherein she overdid the pumpkin spice and Daniel’s brought saladitos—a Snackchat item that results in a first ever for Snackchat (you’ll have to listen to hear what happens). Plus Alison’s destroying her new maternity jeans and the group discusses convertibles in a round of Yes Please or Oh Puh-leeze. Plus Just Me Or Everyone and an adoptable dog named Dagne.

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Here’s Dagne:






  • NewBF

    Greg, we missed you very much. Welcome back. Alison my ziploc and/or can habits match yours, but if I am being good I put it into tupperware instead. And I have a good friend named Wiley Perry Underdown (shout-out), but he goes by Perry. Gross sandwich – impressive that you took one for the team like that, I’ve been famously quoted “One sprout ruins the whole salad!” Yes Daniel said perfectly: go easy on the pumpkin spice if you want your ps product to succeed.

  • annyeong

    hi, guys! love the podcast, and it’s great to have Greg back. just wanted to chime in about the canned soup. i’m pretty sure it has to do with the reaction between the contents and your saliva (the small amounts left on your spoon on every mouthful after the first). my guess is that you’re initially eating the stuff straight from the can before returning what’s left to the fridge? i don’t think the “liquification” would happen if you glopped out the first portion with a new, dry spoon before putting the remainder away for later. sounds weird and maybe a little gross, but i’d bet a small amount of money on it. 🙂 something to do with the enzymes in our saliva.

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