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Alison’s Pregnancy Cacti, Greg’s English Journal, Al’s Ladies

ARIYNBF Thursday Aug 25 2016


Alison’s body is changing, Greg’s answering the siren call of adventure and we all learn a little more about life in a Mormon Singles’ Ward. Plus Alison had a career meltdown but pulled herself out of it and also dropped three to five boxes of popsicles at the grocery store. And we offered some advice, got news about apples from a man on the inside, did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and talked about an adoptable dog named Pumpkin.

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Here’s Pumpkin:



  • NewBF

    Congrats on your self-rescue via mindfulness, which is all so true and so important. Big ups, keep it up, it helps/ But (as I’m sure you know already) don’t think you’ll be sleeping normally for quite a while so you’ll need to come up with a new Casper transition, sorry to say……/like table set but never heard of it. Seems quite practical but perhaps it kills the mood a bit (don’t know as I’m not a dude, but)

  • Harmony Keane

    Just listened to this one. Have to say, Jenna, I really do feel envious of all that comradery in the Mormon religion! Sounds fun to be part of such a group of devoted people who are actually active within their faith. Now, I’m Catholic and maybe Catholics were like this 50 years ago, but they sure aren’t now. So many just lose interest in their teens and it’s rare to find any young people who go to the outings the church puts on, like parish picnics or bingos. Mostly just old people and kind of depressing. How does the Mormon church keep the interest of so many young people, especially with their kind of strict lifestyle rules?

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