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Ode to a Tea Kettle Plus Lupron and Headaches



If you’re looking for an electric kettle because you’re tired of growing old while waiting for water to boil on the stove and/or waiting for it to boil in the microwave, I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s my favorite thing in the morning aside from Daniel and Wendy. It might even be on par with them. I did a lot of research because I find myself unable to buy anything online without making a whole big thing out of it, and what started as an idle thought, “I’d like to get an electric kettle because I’d like to drink a hot beverage in the same calendar year in which I start the process,” turned into a days long spiritual journey. Actually, that’s not true. But fuck it took me a long time. Anyway, fast forward to now and it was the best 30 or so dollars I’ve spent in a long time. There were kettles that were definitely cuter (I almost bought one such number) however this one is super fast and reliable.

Also, it’s weird that I’m writing about a tea kettle when really, I could be telling you all about the experience of shooting my pilot. But no, today is for kettles.

Also it’s for telling you that I’m on daily Lupron injections to suppress the endometriosis before transferring our frozen embryos (they’ll be thawed before transfer, perhaps with a splash of water from my electric kettle) and anyway, the side effects, of which there are many, have settled into a dull painful constant headache. I can handle the moodiness and the hot flashes, the fatigue and the forgetfulness, the lapse in judgment that makes me wax poetic about kettles, but I don’t know how long I can tolerate a constant headache. I’m not really a headache person. I’m more of a “pain in the guts” kind of person, in terms of what I deal with more frequently and my effect on other people. But in general I’m lucky enough not to feel daily pain outside of the endometriosis which I’ve been dealing with for so long, I don’t really notice it unless it’s particularly bad which is usually a few days a month. But not debilitating. Just uncomfortable. But I’m not a daily headache person except now I am. People with constant headaches, what do you do?

And while we’re talking about pain, I think of myself as a person with a healthy fear of pain but a pretty high threshold but the endometrial biopsy which is part of the mock cycle to figure out which day to transfer the embryos was incredibly painful. My doctor told me it would be a 6 or 7 out of 10 which struck me really high on the pain scale but I figured if something is really that painful, they wouldn’t do it without anesthesia. I don’t know why I thought that when she flat out told me how painful it would be. I guess because I’ve had other procedures (HSG test) that are supposed to be painful but they really didn’t bother me.

But back to kettles, here’s the tea I’ve been drinking lately. But I like to switch it up.

(BTW I’m not sponsored by any of the above products but if you buy through my Amazon banner on the right side of this web site or through the above links it throws a few cents my way. Just wanted to explain that because I could imagine people might think I’m on the tea kettle payroll but I am so not.)

  • Leeann Ward

    Awesome!! I’m sorry about your headaches and the 7/10 pain! You still managed to make this blog so funny though!

  • Isaac S

    As someone who suffers from frequent headaches I have found that drinks with lots of caffeine usually work. And if not there is always extra strength Tylenol and a dark, quiet room. Hope this helps and sorry about the headaches!

  • Shera P

    Have you tried massage for your headaches? Even if it’s just going somewhere for a scalp, head and neck rub it might really help.

  • Claire Brockelman

    Awesome blog! Love you and the new site looks awesome.

  • Kelly

    I had a terrible headache when I was getting my hair done at an Aveda salon – my stylist gave me a glass water and then used this Aveda product on me- it worked —-it’s a little roller ball thing called “Blue Oil” —balancing concentrate- it’s utterly amazing!!!
    Whenever, I feel a headache coming on I use this roller ball –90% of the time it helps – no joke! Maybe it’s all mind over matter but it works for me — Go read the reviews – it’s worth a try—
    Hope you find relief soon– My husband and I love the podcast!!!

    Read reviews here—

  • lgeubank

    Twinings — yeah, they make good stuff. I swear allegiance to Typhoo, however:

  • Michele Radin

    a throwback q that will reveal how behind I am on my podcast listening (actually a compliment to you– I hoard my favorite podcasts in a masochistic compulsion to “save the best for last”) re: figs and their newtons — the wasps are necessary pollinators for SOME figs– figs are like inside out strawberries, where each “seed” is really a fruit– so the wasp crawls inside to pollinate– and often gets stuck and dies, leaving a dried exoskeleton, or lays larvae, which may develop into any insect Stage you remember from elementary school science class, a chrysalis being the most disgusting… my advice to fig lovers is never eat a fresh or dried fig without cutting in half first– dried fig packagers have terrible sanitation standards– BUT some dogs are hand pollinated– you could write the Newton folks (plus, is it all fig or do they slip some cheap raisin or prune in there??!!)

  • Michele Radin

    Pain– self-hypnosis and relaxation exercises can get you through some serious pain– most work by focusing all your energy so your brain sort if forgets to send pain signals– like if you hit your elbow, the pain suddenly stops if you stub your toe… I have a few I have used to manage broken bone pain, you can also go online … also acupressure or acupuncture work really work for a lot of headache sufferers

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