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Trash Chat and Buffet Wishes

ARIYNBF Trash Chat & Buffet Wishes

Is it rude to not tie your garbage bag before tossing it in the can? This was the genesis of a disagreement in the House of Greg so we moved said conflict to the show. We also did an epic Easter-themed Snack Chat with goodies Jenna and Al brought back from Utah, discussed buffets and Souplantation, discussed the word “plantation” and talked about Alison and Greg’s upcoming TV shoot. Plus drug and injection chat in The Biological Clock, Dustin’s wedding, Star Wars and Game of Thrones. And we did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and talked about an adoptable dog named Elmo.


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Here’s Elmo:






And here’s a fun pre-show video:


  • NewBF

    Daniel breaks it wide open with the single p in that disturbing restaurant chain. Thanks so for your detail orientation, you could have used a little more credit for that discovery.

  • Leeann Ward

    I loved Daniel’s story of picking through the trash with the trash picker. Daniel’s so awesome! I think most people would just turn around and say, “I couldn’t look for it, there was somebody picking through the trash.” But leave it to Daniel to make it a human experience/connection in some way.

  • 1whoknocks

    Couldn’t agree more with Greg’s wife, whose name I’m not even going to try to spell. If your garbage bag has a built-in drawstring or tying mechanism, there’s no reason not to use it. I understand the inside of your garbage can does not need to be clean enough to eat off, but there’s no reason to voluntarily throw food stuff and possible fecal matter(#Sam) all over something that will be sentinel on your property forever. It’s also very considerate to the people who rummage through said trash and have lost the will to live in decent society. It’s bonkers to me how normal that is to our 2 podcast hosts. Hope you all enjoy the weather out there…
    Daniel touched a special nerve with me on his frustrating inability to discus his favorite shows with ANYBODY. Same here with Game of Thrones, Archer, and Justified. I have many friends who value my judgment, but it’s apparently hard these days to turn people on to new entertainment. Too many choices, is my guess. (Been testifying about this podcast for years to little avail.) I do admit suggested shows often feel like homework to me, as well.

  • AndrewviaMR

    wrt Maintenance Insomnia: Have one data point of good luck with Zzzquil. The thing was, I woke up with a headache. So, maybe “Contains no painkiller!” isn’t that much of a selling point. So, I’m going back to the drug store to get the stuff with the painkller On the other hand, Ibuprofen with sleep-aid failed me for the first time last night. Next up is trying an aspirin that I read has mixed results.

    Have you tried the Mary Jane yet? We still get shot for the stuff in these parts, but I’d be interested to know if it worked the way I forget who said it would.

  • Tanya

    The snapchat thing! One of my friends found a way to create and pay for a snapchat filter for the day. .

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