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What Does Al Know???? (And Another Salad Debacle)

ARIYNBF What Does Al Know

This episode features the birth of an on-the-fly-off-the-cuff segment entitled, “What does #AL know?” in which we attempt to figure out the titular question and also, how the game works. We also talked about sports and finance which is unusual for us and I detailed yet another salad debacle. Also I just had blood drawn and I think my vein hurts which is neither here nor there and has nothing to do with this episode but just saying, weird arm sensation. And we did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and Daniel revealed some of my secrets.


Also: I’ve been trying to take more videos. Scroll down for some before, during and after the show clips.


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  • AndrewviaMR

    “attempt to figure out the titular question” Man has been trying to get his head around it since time immemorial, so bravo!

  • sjupandaway

    Alison these videos are the best ever. ever.

  • badabingo

    I was so proud of all of you guys during the “just think happy thoughts” portion of the show. I was especially impressed with Jeff because I didn’t realize before this ep how much he GETS stuff like this AND that he is so articulate about it. Ten points!

    Dismissive responses (“think happy thoughts” “everything is FINE” “but look at all the good things in your life”) wreck havoc on people’s lives. They are deeply shaming and cause anxious and depressed people to be even more anxious and depressed. Resist dismissive responses at all costs and at all times, especially if you are a parent. Empathy is the way to go. Empathy says “I see you” and “I hear you” and “I acknowledge you are struggling”. Perhaps most importantly, empathy says, “you are not alone; l am here with you as you move through this”.

    People who are dismissive typically have good intentions but just don’t realize they are not only not helping, but hurting. Bummer!!!

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