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Kate Micucci

ARIYNBF Kate Miccuci


I first met comedian, musician, actress and artist Kate Micucci years ago when she and Riki Lindhome performed live as Garfunkel & Oates at my first live Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend show at UCB. I’ve wanted to have her on the show solo to really delve into all things Kate ever since. On this episode we talked about the ways in which she’s the same as she was as a kid, what she was like as a kid and her close relationship with her parents, crying at school because she missed them, being a late bloomer, her first kiss, going to three colleges, her love of sunsets, puppet making, her favorite musicals, school dances, hitchhiking and why she stopped, being poor, how she broke into commercials, meeting Riki and writing their goals on napkins (she still carries one with her to this day), sitcoms, relationships, being sheltered, swearing and so much more. We also took your questions over Twitter and did a round of Just Me Or Everyone.


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  • Leeann Ward

    There was so much to love about this interview! I especially loved Kate’s Doug doll and hitchhiking stories and Alison’s Steve/phone story! The story of her essay about her perfect day was also wonderful! Kate is such a delight! Thanks for making this interview happen, Alison! It did not disappoint!

  • Glenn Farnham

    Great show with Kate! She seams so naturally perky and genuine, a bit like her show bizz persona I guess… Well I loved listening!

  • stradial

    Wonderful interview.
    I also grew up an anti popular person, I come by it honestly, my dad was that way.
    Love Kate’s sunsets.
    I have a cat that gives kisses and a cat that follows me like a dog.
    He even meets me at the door when I come home.
    As a traveling salesman, I have always had a second set of everything for traveling.
    Including bathroom stuff, chargers and basic meds, asprin etc.
    Both of you ladies keep up the good work.

    Ohhh, no guy is going to put up blinds when there is a pretty girl on the balcony.

  • Richard Long

    take back the balcony!!

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