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ARIYNBF 345: Jo Koy Returns

After a big announcement from Alison, Jo Koy returns to Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend to pour his heart out about family conflict, being caught in the middle, drugs, arguments, holidays, vacations, stress, feuds, finances and so much more. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone (click here to see the JMOEs from this episode).

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  • Nicole S

    Alison! I can't believe you are leaving ACS! I'm in shock. You will be thoroughly missed. I will follow you on your “love wagon” or whatever mode of transportation you end up deeming most appropriate.
    What will become of the Thursday show? Will the gang still get together? I hope so!
    I can't help but wonder what went down. I'm sure you will do a wonderful job relaying the info to us in the weeks to come.

  • Boris

    Troublesome episode, how could Alison be off the podcast? but but…

  • Moggraider

    Alison's departure from the Adam show is deeply saddening. I am sure many of us are hoping for some kind of explanation.

  • Robert

    What the hell. “I just didn't think she was a great sidekick.” Is this seriously the reason? After 4 years this thought suddenly came to him? Not sure I'm buying it. You were easily one of the best parts of the podcast…

  • AndrewviaMR

    What follows are heartfelt if probably wrong and maybe even condescending opinions: What I didn't need in my life was a glorified morning zoo. What you added was something different. I think more than anything this caused a problem that was deemed too much trouble to try to work out into something great. In hindsight, the recent increase in certain persons' filler comments makes perfect sense. Now maybe we get less crapping on points but also way less funny. Not the deal I'd prefer, but I guess change has to happen. I think you should be on TV or something anyway. Take to heart the comment that you aren't a second fiddle, you are definitely first-chair fiddle.

  • ericasullivan

    I love you Alison! I'll keep following your awesome work. A light has gone out of ACS for me with your departure. Love to you, from an East Coast fan. <3

  • Jamie Paterson

    Alison! First you get married and force me to remove you from atop my “Hall Pass” list (you may breathe a sigh of relief now),… now you leave ACS and force it to sound like EVERY OTHER radio show in the world! I say… TAKE the pirate ship!! After all, isn't that what pirates do? Besides, you were integral part of what made that ship sail!!!

  • Megan

    Wow! What a big shock for this Monday morning. We all love you and will support you in whatever you do. I just hope we get more than one show a week because I've been listening to ACS every day for years and don't think I will be able to listen without you. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next. 🙂

  • Big Perm

    Sorry you got axed bro

  • Taco Farts

    I don't like the way it was done (<nasal>”You will not be hearing from Alison again… remember in the old days when they were not going to let people say goodbye and how crappy that would have been?”</nasal>) but one thing is correct: Adam was holding you back. It was safe and reliable, and you were great at it, but you've always had ten times more creativity than that role allowed you to utilize.

    Can't wait to see what you make of your new unicorn stable/magic carpet/technicolor bullet train.

  • Indus49

    Very saddened to hear Alison, that you're off ACS. Ultimately, I think it's a mistake. You may not have talked as much as Adam, but for the loyal listeners – you were a comforting voice. Good luck in whatever comes your way next!

  • Wendi Schutte Mohr

    Alison…so sad. You were the main reason I listen to ACS!! Was completely surprised this morning. I hope hope hope the Thursday episodes stay the same. They make my week!!

  • Honorarius

    Well crap… Alison leaving the ACS is bad news… The fill-in newsgirls that replaced her while she had time off earlier in the year came off as air-headed bimbos that added little/nothing to the conversation… Alison is going to be crazy hard to replace…

  • Kev B.

    Holy shit! News of your leaving the Carolla show hit me like a baseball bat to the head… That really f@&%ing sucks. Sad as hell to see you leave but looking forward to what your brilliant mind and talents will bring in the future. You will be sorely missed on the pirate ship.

    I don't know why, but as to the vehicle analogy of this next job venture, I can't help but think hot air balloon or zeppelin… Just peacefully floating above all the BS and a great viewpoint of everything that's going on in the world.

    Happy new year! 🙂

  • Vinyl Richie

    Echo what Nicole S says below. Sad and shocked that Alison is leaving ACS and potentially taking ARIYNBF off of the network. Need to know more. Fully prepared to be pissed at Adam.

  • Betsy

    I was so excited for the first ACS episode in 2015. Now I'm super bummed. 🙁

  • Harvey Mushmen

    Dear Alison,
    I will never forget when you and Adam were breaking down the Million Dollar Baby movie and Adam was complaining about the scene where she takes the jar of coins in to buy a speed bag and your short but perfect comment was “she could at least swing by a coin star”. I can't list them all but you always make me laugh out loud and I'm seriously considering not listening to the podcast anymore. Adam is a 1.8GPA barely passed North Hollywood HS ass wipe who has grown so full of himself that I rarely enjoy the shows anymore. Good luck my dear you will be missed.

  • Ian Preece

    I feel like I lost a family member. I love Ace. I love Alison. I love Bryan. I know things change, but I can't help my feelings. I wish Alison the best with her podcast and with her and Daniel's quest to bring a life into this world. You will be missed on the ACS!

  • Gotta say, Adam's send-off left a sour taste in my mouth. Can't imagine the majority of the audience agrees with this decision. And like others said, after four years? Alison probably didn't even know when she was doing her last show.

  • UGAalumni

    Boy what a shock (and that's an understatement) this AM when I listed to ACS; I will miss you on ACS! I kept waiting on Adam to say it was some kind of early April fool's joke. Your news segments were always the highlight of my morning and were always something I would look forward to every day before work. You were always the soft & fuzzy side to Adam's prickly side of the show. I've only known his show with you on it; didn't listen prior to your joining. So I'll do my best to get acclimated to ACS without you, but it will not be easy. I will also do my best to support your show as you move on and captain your own Supergalactic Spaceship (much better than Pirate Ship). I know this will be a good step for you and you'll move on to do some great things in your future. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Honorarius

    I think Alison 'not being sidekick material' is what made her such a good counter to Adam… Having someone just get steamrolled by Adam isn't going to be as interesting (to me anyways) as someone who can legitimately be part of the conversation…

    I mean, as much as I like Brian's drops (and I do), when he's talking, sometimes he just doesn't know when to shut the fuck up… Alison knew when to say something, as well as when to zip it… And when she did say something, it was something worth hearing… Alison also seemed to always be willing to go along with a joke too, which not everyone who's going to try to fill her shoes will be able to do…

    Anyway, I felt she made the ACS a better podcast…

    I can see what Adam meant by not being a sidekick though… A listen to ARIYNBF shows how good she is good at being the head banana… I also felt (and I'm sure I'm not alone) that when Adam missed some shows this year, even though they went out and brought in 'guest hosts' that it felt like Alison was the one trying to keep things on the rails…

  • Ruth Durkin

    I am sad to see you leave ACS but excited to see what happens next with you! My Amazon bookmark has been updated (sadly after my holiday shopping).

    For the last few months I have found ACS losing it's spark and now I am even less likely to listen. The fact that you were not even given a chance to say goodbye and then he makes himself some sort of a hero for letting someone else say goodbye? Totally lacking in self awareness. That is part of the reason I have lost the urge to listen to his shows lately.

    Hopefully some of the Thursday gang can still get together. I would love to have 'Gal Chat' as a stand alone podcast with Alison and Jenna… but I would miss the guys for sure.

  • badabingo

    Long live ARIYNBF! Honestly, Old Man Carolla can get bent. Alison is much better off without his abusive grossness.

  • the40yroldvirgin

    Wow Alison, I'm shocked, I'm Shocked. I'm sooo sad, sooo sad. I love the Adam Carolla show, but now I don't think I can listen anymore. I'm torn. I thought you and Adam were really blending. The way you slipped in with all your comments, they were perfectly timed. In the last year I noticed that you would bring in some good Rosen style questioning to the interviews with guests on Adams Show. It also seemed that Adam respected you as a women on air. I really thought you guys were working well together. I just loved all your laughs and giggles, they were the best thing on the show! I'm truly gutted. I've had alot of loss in my life last year, with down times and depression, but listening to you always made my day. I love ARIYNBF, but there was something special to the chemistry you had with everyone on the Adam Carolla show. I just loved it. I've been so loyal to the Adam Carolla Network, but now….? I don't think I can listen to the show this week, or maybe ever again. I don't buy the reason that you were just not a good co-host. I think there are more things at play here. But if those are personal I get it, you don't ever have to share those if you don't want too. I just hope that it was an amicable break up, and not some ubrupt cold, matter of fact type of thing. A part of me still believes that there is and underlying current of kindness, respect, and goodness at the Adam Carolla Network. 2015 had so much promise, but now, I must say, I'm a little depressed.
    This year I'm learning to count my blessings. So today's blessing is, that because of the Adam Carolla show we all got to have Alison Rosen in our life. This we will never lose…. you Alison. There is no doubt that you, are a real person. Real faults, real mistakes, real emotions, real victories, and real life. I've always clicked through Amazon via your show. And I have no problem full supporting any online ventures you take on next. If you decide to just leave show biz for awhile and focus on living a private life, and starting a family, more power to you! Alison we LOVE YOU SO MUCH! We love you so much!

    Don't worry the Rosen nation is here forever we will never leave you!
    God Bless,

    Ken L
    @catsmeow05 on twitter
    P.S. so glad I went to that recent Seattle show, I know I should have found a way to come and meet you in person, but oh well!

  • Jeanette Esau

    Adding my voice to chorus: Waaaaa! So sad you're no longer on ACS. I really enjoyed your humor and insights. I was listening this morning while doing my makeup and actually did a “hand over mouth, eyes wide in-shock face.” Not to be all Debbie-downer so I'll say best wishes on whatever comes next and I will be sure continue to listen to ARIYNBF! Happy New Year.

  • AndrewviaMR

    “Alison is going to be crazy hard to replace” My suspicion is this is why the change. How many times did we hear the discussion (rounded to the tens place) about how radio is all about format and they don't want any individual getting too big for their britches. Kind of ironic and probably wrongly applied in this case if I'm right about reading between the lines with the “not a sidekick” commentary. And by this, I mean, Alison really is a true comedic talent, and perversely the radio system seems to somehow not want that, or can't handle it, or Karmically doesn't deserve it, or something. To be vague, because I really wish everyone well, I think everyone has psychological hangups, this one (I suspect) being about not having everything in your dominion being totally focused on making you look good, except that she did! Thus the psychological part. Ooops, I think I wasn't vague. I could be totally off base.

    Anyway, Alison is the funniest woman I think I've ever heard. And this isn't a sexist thing. I honestly don't think Louis CK is as funny as Alison can be off-the-cuff (Louis CK says himself he can only do planned out and rehearsed bits, and if you hear him on O&A he's fine, but nowhere near as funny as Alison, so yes, I'm totally serious).

  • the40yroldvirgin

    The simple fact that all of a sudden Alison isn't on the show, and some political sounding reason was given, just doesn't seem right. If this were a truly amicable breakup, he would have given Alison a final show. A send off tribute show. Where she could say by to the Adam Carolla Listeners and the staff could also say their goodbyes to her on air. If she is leaving that is fine, (ok it's not fine), but how she leaves is also important. I don't want to go on slamming Adam here or anything, but just to say something doesn't feel right here, and I'm just sad.

    Ken L

  • AndrewviaMR

    I replaced my Amazon bookmark! I will drown my sorrows in a shitload of impulse purchases!

  • the40yroldvirgin

    Well Said

  • Dwayne Takeda

    Go to Nerdist. Then I can get you on Stitcher. Finally.

  • Lamont Cranston

    I'm really pissed that Alison is leaving the ACS podcast. Alison's soothing voice and personality were a perfect foil for Adam's prickly blue collar persona. She added a touch of class and some emotional ballast. And I say that as a very straight guy who likes sports. Sidekick? WTF? The girls who filled in for Alison in the past were uniformly unimpressive Peppermint Patty morning zoo type chicks. So Adam's putting together a cackling peanut gallery now? Great. Maybe he can have David Wild on every single day to tell us how he once ate a waffle with Ringo Starr. I hope the issue was money, which means Alison was finally asking for what she's worth. Best of luck to her; I hope she can leverage her own fan base to future success.

  • AndrewviaMR

    Let's all pause for a second to reflect and recognize and be grateful that without ACS we may not have been introduced to the wonderful Alison Rosen and been given four years to get to know of her wonderful personality and we are blessed for the time she was provided to speak to us. Now with that out of the way, fuck that guy!

  • Dave G

    I'll still be listening to your beautiful voice on your podcast!

  • Michelle B


    I enjoyed listening to you and your life on the show ever since the “Tournament of Rosen” era

    This move over the holidays as a listener really smells of like a clash ala Donny and his lawsuit. Hope you'll be able to get ARIYNBF back without being charged for it in some capacity.

    Such a lame”goodbye”, dry explanation Adam gave in the show opener.

    Wonder if you now get cut out of the “Road Hard” movie!!!

  • AndrewviaMR

    Longest job interview ever! I don't really expect someone to say “this is really about my own insecurity” but I don't like the insinuation that she couldn't be a good sidekick for a lot of other people (particularly since she did great for the listeners for near half a decade), or that “it's not about who is funny.” Well, as a listener, I happen to think it is all about who is funny. Do comedians really need hype (wo)men? I wonder what percentage of the listeners want one person's idea of a “good fit” rather than superhotcoolandfunny. On the plus side, 50 seconds (I timed it- after that he just reiterated after referring to the new news) of explanation for someone's departure after nearly half a decade is more than you get from terrestrial radio, maybe they don't do the on-air eulogy at all precisely because people do it so poorly.

    I also wish that when you try replacements and don't find someone better that the prior person would get their starting job back like the starting quarterback who doesn't lose their job due to injury. If only radio sidekicks pulled their hammies instead of making jokes about pulling their hammies. Alas, that would mean someone would have to admit they made a mistake. That could never happen.

  • Lyndsay

    I don't know how much I will listen to ACS after this, I really enjoyed you on the show and didn't make it to the end of his episode today because the lady on it was such a kiss ass. However I do think you are too good to be a 'sidekick', I look forward to seeing you, and still hearing you, on your own show. I know a lot of people will be interested to see where you go, hope you are embracing your wings and taking flight! High five x

  • Rich

    Alison you can never be replaced on ACS .You contributed so much to the show and love to hear your sarcasm . I will follow you with your existing podcast . 🙁

  • Harry Balsagna

    Translation: Adam wanted even more time on his podcast to hear himself talk. Well, that, and he wanted Gina's jugs around more…

  • Kiko Asbury

    I’m sad and excited for you as you begin this new chapter in your
    life and career. I will miss you on the Carolla show, but I am happy that
    you will now have time to explore other options. I have always felt that
    you were under appreciated on Adam’s show. So many times your hilarious or
    insightful comments would go unnoticed – but I noticed and I think you have
    real talent. You are kind, considerate, compassionate, entertaining,
    likable, funny. Intelligent,and pretty!! On a positive note, you no longer
    have to say “Zip it Cunt”. Will miss you on Adam’s show, but will spend
    more time listening to you on your own show!! You’re gonna do great! Chin
    up Girlfriend.

    Love You,

  • Dakota Moonshine

    Saw it coming hate to say. She was probing into other ventures throughout various interviews.

  • Devon Rowe

    I'm so not a commenter on things. This is odd for me. Anyway I just had to tell you that I've been a long time listener of Adam's radio shows and podcasts but today I had to turn it off. I think you were an excellent side kick as well as being a strong leader on your own podcast. I felt compelled to get on your blog and let you know that. I adore you and look forward to listening to you as long as you keep talking. If you don't continue at this network, I will follow where ever you go.

  • Andre

    was disappointed to hear adam start about you not on the episode and then he finished the sentence… such bs. you're great, subscribing to ariynbf now.
    best from germany

  • playniceeveryone

    Dear Alison,
    I'm sure we will hear more about what happened as time goes on – but just know this girlie – you have fans and fans have keyboards and they know how to use them. I know I will follow you in whatever form that takes. You are amazing both in long form interview format – and also in the group chat of the Thursday gang. Just know you have a village following you.

  • hi. oh. im a bit bummed out. its crap when friendships go south. I feel like I have to pick a side in this divorce. I hope you pissed on the toilet seat before you left. I hope it was you that took that money that sonny took the shit for. and I hope you don't get too up in your head about it all. deep breath. onward and upward. shit happens. you are alright kid. its a fact.
    huh. I like your punchy comments. and the longer stuff here. to insinuate you were no longer a fit, insults us all. what a shame. blah
    you can direct message me the full details. i'll wait up.

  • Christine Carson

    Wow! Adam gave way more of an explanation for he and Bonaduce's breakup than he did for yours – and they were together for just a few months – if memory serves. I couldn't listen to Adam's show today after I heard that lame ass explanation and I love me some Adam. What a bummer. You're completely awesome! I don't think it would bother me so much if you were still on his postcast network but you've been totally cut loose! Feels like getting broken up with by text after a 4 year relationship. I love you and will continue to support your podcast.

  • Jack Kasza

    Allison–I sure hope you read this.YOU were the reason I came back to listen to the show.I HATED Teresa and stopped listening because of her. Adam's excuse that you only a “good” sidekick is total bullshit and he knows it. You were/are the perfect spice for the show and your laugh and smile could melt an iceberg. The show today was just awful. “I love you”

  • same, stopped the podcast right there. It's unlike Adam to come out with a BS explanation like that. Trying someone out for 4 years, give me a break. Like someone said on Twitter: He sounded like Gavin Newsom.

  • the40yroldvirgin

    I agree I wanted to listen because I love Adam too, but I just couldn't stomach how he an the rest of the gang just carried on laughing like nothing happened. No matter how bad the breakup, no grieve, no “Thanks Alison for all the years.” Something isn't right here…..

  • Goober

    Your podcast is are definitely a Rape Van.

  • playniceeveryone

    p.s…. Although I “met” you through ACS, I have stopped listening to that pod for the most part (unless there is a particularly interesting guest and even then I forward around his rants – I apparently have figured out how many times I can hear the same garbage over and over before I can't listen one more time and the number is 126). It's pathetic that a 50 plus year old man can't get over a mediocre childhood. It's not like he was chained to a sewing machine in a third world country making sneakers for 25 cents and one violent whipping a day. He grew up in suburban LA – could have had an education if he was willing to pay attention but he didn't. He thinks everyone should be impressed with his success despite his middle class upbringing. Puhleeeeze. He wants everyone to know he was mortally wounded by benign neglect, yet he doesn't see the harm is being done to his kids by the cruel and disgusting things he says publicly every day about them. Sad really. Thank goodness they have a loving mother and a loving nanny. If he thinks his children will be bought off with his money he may be surprised, and if they are, then he should be truly devastated. You and Bryan are the reasons I still listen from time to time. Like the other comments – I truly hope that the Thursday gang will not be prohibited from continuing on …. We LOVE YOU ALL!!!

  • UGAalumni

    One more thing, I bet DAG is going to be PISSED!

  • David Dudley

    First of all, I was saddened by this news. Since we all know there's more to the story than what was said “on air,” so far, I'll only point out my observations as of recently.

    I agree with Adam that you are more of a lead than a sidekick. God forbid he has a co-host on his own show – – really. Adam has co-hosts on his other podcasts. ACS is his.

    In my opinion, I've listened to ACS and your show for quite some time and had recently come to my own realization (way before this happened – – I expected it on your terms, though) that you outgrew ACS months ago. Maybe Adam did too. I would think (in very Adam-esque fashion) of this as more of a promotion if you were to remain with the network. If you don't remain with the network, then it was a dick move, that I don't get, on Adam's part . . . to do what? Fix what was working? That's exactly what he complains about.

    Rock on Alison! Make a baby. Write a book, You will flourish.

  • mechelle

    Was shocked to hear the news on ACS, and it seemed kind of cold. It would've been nice to have Alison on the show, sharing her thoughts, and plans for 2015. It just seems very odd. I don't think Adam handled it well

  • Diann Brown

    Alison, loved YOU on the “other” show. You will be great whatever you do. I am in my “60's” and I hope it's OK that even though I have a few really good friends and am so old, I consider you as my new best friend. You are so honest, down to earth and compassionate. What's not to love. You have “spot on” interview techniques and simply love your ability to hone into a person's psyche. I enjoy the Thursday show because It allows me insight into the generation my sons occupy. No matter what age, people have similar experiences and listening to
    all of you brings lots of laughs sharing the human experience. Never question your abilities or talent. Move forward knowing you are a strong, talented and worthy person. Best wishes to you in everything you do. I will continue to follow you and support all you do. Thank you so much for all the joy you have given me. Off topic: I always thought you sounded like Lisa Kudrow…is it just me or everyone???? I hope you are feeling great right now…your future is so bright. Love ya, my little powder sugar covered beignet.

  • preston simms

    you know what i mean

  • troy white

    Alison you are the main reason that I listened to ACS. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. You made that show better. I will continue to listen to you show and wish you nothing but the best. Keep doing what you do, it means a lot to some of us out here.

  • MattDamon

    Indeed the balance is now lost. Intelligence and wit was the dialog I loved between you and Ace. His brand and yours, these both brought something more complex together. Your voice maybe the only thing that kept me tethered to the show. I will be checking here regularly to hear more of your insights and humor.

    Thank you for the three years. The show had dynamic that kept my attention and brought me to tears laughing at times. Thanks.

    I've never left a comment on any site. Never yelped or tweeted.
    This change warranted a shout out to you and your skill at the job. I won't pretend to know a thing about the workings off the air. I will say I am sad this run ended.

  • Brad

    Alison, you were great and will do great things I'm sure of it.

  • Tricia

    I agree with the other comments. For Adam to dismiss you so unceremoniously feels insulting and it makes me angry. So much so that I don't feel like listening to the ACS anymore and I've been a staunch fan for over 10 years. It's a bummer because it was something I enjoyed so much. Hopefully this will be one of those things where in five years, you say to yourself, “I'm so glad THAT happened or else THIS wouldn't have happened.” You certainly have the talent, that's for sure.

  • walkerfilm

    Alison, you are so talented and this is a move up to bigger and better things, all the best, I'll support new podcast wherever it lands.

  • stevo

    Allison went from being fake Teresa to the entertaining and talented real Allison the past four years. I'm going to miss your drops. (Will Bald still be able to play them?) I also love Adam, but it won't be the same. I thought you worked very well together. I'm sure Adam can be difficult to work with, he reminds me of the character Alan Brady from the Dick Van Dyke show. I imagine you weren't doing Adam's best, but you were doing Allison's best….and that is close to being perfect, as far as I'm concerned. Good luck to you. I will enjoy listening to your new podcast.

  • mwol79

    I feel like Tyson punched me in the face then stepped on my balls for a good 10 min.
    Alison, you were the glue that held ACS together. I look forward to new Monday and Thursday shows. You're going to kick the entertainment/host world's ASS! Wish you all of the best and here's to a rock star 2015

  • johnny

    WTF is Adam thinking???? The show is going to lose listeners and the pirate ship will begin to sink! Big mistake AC!

  • boinkity

    Congratulations Alison because you need and deserve some time to develop your new future! I agree with what Adam said about you.. . you aren't a sidekick. You have Super Star qualities in my opinion. You should be doing something bigger than being a “newsgirl” on someone's podcast. To me it has been obvious for a long time. Listening to ACS live shows especially has proven that you can entertain an audience on your own terms. You should be Oprah or Barbara Walters for the 21st century. (yeah I think you are super duper!) I really enjoyed you on the ACS the past 4 years, but constantly felt you were being held back because of your role. I love your ARIYNBF podcast because you shine!

  • capicola

    This is bullshit that they just fired her without having a goodbye or last show or anything. Adam's numbers are dropping because he has become a miserable alcoholic comedy warehouse who is no longer entertaining to listen to. Seems like he is blaming it on Allison. Look inward, aceman.

  • rosa

    I noticed bald getting a bit more mouth time as of late and I agree, he doesnt know when to zip it. his voice actually gets on my nerves. Wondering if this was in the planning for awhile? Oh wells, life goes on. I've been canned and i lived through it. Alison will do well.

  • Diann Brown

    Absolutely..for me you were the wind in the sails.

  • Diann Brown

    Yes he'll be bummed….hope you have him on your own show. BTW, I was listening to your show with Joe Koi. Yesterday was the first time I was compelled to finish hearing any show in my car. You're awesome.

  • Levi Forman

    Man, what a kick in the balls. I went from looking forward to the new year of ACS to not knowing whether I will continue to listen. Gina sounded like what she is, an “insert generic radio voice here”. Nothing against her but she is no Alison Rosen. Also, I thought Adam had enough character to handle this in a more classy manner. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one to pick up on the irony of Carolla patting himself on the back for letting that radio guy have his goodbye minutes after dismissing Alison with a 3 sentence eulogy. I hope this costs him a lot of money since that's what he cares about most.

    We will be awaiting the Thursday show with bated breath in hopes of hearing some more explanation even though it is probably unlikely. Best of luck with the new puppy wagon or whatever you decide to call it and hurry up and let us know where to send money! I have never “subscribed” to a podcast before but I will sign up for this one on day one.

  • Ambrose

    Alison, I am glad to see you are gone from ACS. You are not funny. Brian is not funny. You give women a bad name when you can't even change a lightbulb. Best 2015 present. Everyone, get your shit together – NY resolution. Thanks.

  • Mount Pious

    I don't do internet comments, but I made an exception for my celebrity crush Passion Rosen. You'll be missed. Truly.

    Keep in touch?

  • Razzles

    A pirate ship has its advantages, but it can be a pitiless place to work. I look forward to hearing the real story some day.

  • fltrd

    I hear alot of people talking with emotion and very little logic. Alison is a talent, she has a goofy side, easy on the eyes, and a vocabulary that rivals major news anchors, but I agree with Adam 100%. She just wasn't a GOOD FIT for the Adam Carolla show. I didn't think she was a good fit from day one, but people are confusing good fit with “she sucked”.

    The two couldn't be more different. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are both great athletes but would be horrible on the same team. I just never felt that Alison was an organic piece to the “triangle offense”. It was like a real life facts of life member trying to drink beers with the “animal house”

    Now this part is just my opinion.. I personally didn't like that Alison never really stood her ground on alot of topics that Adam spoke on, it's like she was agreeing to be “agreeable” and of course she didn't want to lose her job by pissing anyone off, but that is just part of what didn't make her fit in my eyes. It's like she was never really “sure” of herself if that makes sense..

    I by no means agree with everything Adam says, (I've come close to calling a few times to give him my opinion on topics) but when it comes to business decisions (the ones documented) I rarely see when he's not making the correct one. This too shall pass just like everything else does.. hell, there were people who though Adam was stupid for parting was with Danny Bonaduce.

    Again, Alison is a unique talent in her own right and I can see success in her future, but calling Adam stupid, or “he fucked up” , etc is completely inaccurate. I personally liked Teresa Strasser as a better fit and even she wasn't the “right girl” for the show.

  • Trisha Jones

    From the interview on The Wrap it doesn't sound like Alison has much more information than any of us do… I'm going to tune into Lynette Carolla's podcast to see if she spills any of the beans…. also, if the email had punctuation and proper spelling, that means that Matt must have typed it. I am guessing, even if recorded from her home, the Thursday crew (except Jena) will carefully walk on eggshells to keep their jobs, so not expecting any big revelations there.

    As all of you, I love Alison and will continue to support in any way I can!


  • Fieldengineer

    To Fltrd: I disagree.

    Alison was hired (from my perspective) to bring up news stories for Adam to Rant about.
    Her credit was Newsgirl – as was written on each webpage.
    She was expected to be “seen but not heard”; meaning do not upstage “the talent”. I believe she accomplished that task as her job.

    It appears in her interview that she was “blindsided” with an e-mail while on vacation – that is what puts Adam in the “fucked up” and “stupid” and “non-human” employer.

    Adam is an employer. He has the right to terminate anyone without a reason- but social media hopefully will make him pay a price for his cowardly and “unprofessional” approach to “going a different direction”.

    The entertainment industry has a memory like an elephant.

    His employees have just been put on notice that they are just peons hired to row the slave ship. One week ago, his employees thought they were part of a family that was working toward a goal and that all of their boats would rise with the success of the Adam Carolla Show. Today, they know they are employees working for the Carollas.

    Luckily, Alison has a small lifeboat in the form of a webpage and Podcast that she and Daniel own. Hopefully she takes her “brand” and surpasses the ACS slave ship.

    Alison – please remove the link to ACS webpage – as Adam has removed your link from his page.

    Lastly, you should have gone to Big Bear like I suggested – maybe you then would have had an exit interview with Mike August.(Sarcastic joke)

    As my mother always says, “This to will pass….”. Be professional and take a deep breath, remember a job is just a job. Nobody can fire you from your career – only you can do that.

    Take Careful,
    A longtime fan and supporter – Fieldengineer.

  • Rosalinda Duarte

    You are a huge asshole for leaving this rude comment.

  • Fieldengineer

    To Fltrd:

    Alison was hired (from my perspective) to bring up news stories for Adam to Rant about.

    Her credit was Newsgirl as was written on each webpage.

    She was expected to be “seen but not heard”; meaning do not upstage “the talent”. I believe she accomplished that task as her job.

    It appears in her interview that she was “blindsided” with an e-mail while on vacation – that is what puts Adam in the “fucked up” and “stupid” and “non-human” employer.

    Adam is an employer. He has the right to terminate anyone without a reason- but social media hopefully will make him pay a price for his cowardly and “unprofessional” approach to “going a different direction”.

    The entertainment industry has a memory like an elephant.

    His employees have just been put on notice that they are just peons hired to row the slave ship.

    One week ago, his employees thought they were part of a family that was working toward a goal and that all of their boats would rise with the success of the Adam Carolla Show. Today, they know they are employees working for the Carollas.

    Luckily, Alison has a small lifeboat in the form of a webpage and Podcast that she and Daniel own. Hopefully she takes her “brand” and surpasses the ACS slave ship.

    Alison – please remove the link to ACS webpage – as Adam has removed your link from his page.

    Lastly, you should have gone to Big Bear like I suggested – maybe you then would have had an exit interview with Mike August.(Sarcastic joke)

    As my mother always says, “This to will pass….”. Be professional and take a deep breath, remember a job is just a job. Nobody can fire you from your career – only you can do that.

    Take Careful,


    A longtime fan and supporter – Fieldengineer.

  • mal

    I'd like to think Adam wasn't the right fit for Alison! But yes, so sad, but I'm glad to follow Alison wherever she goes next and I can't wait. It was a good 4 years and I'm glad Alison was able to make her mark and get noticed because of the ACS, so her future is bright. It's time for her to leave anyway, I don't think staying too long would have been good. Just so sad ARIYNBF is no on the network? if so, that's just bad bad bad, Bad Adam Carolla

  • AndrewviaMR

    Not exactly. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, but mine is that Alison wasn't a good fit for what Adam wants the show to be- a podcast morning zoo, but not what the show should be. Now, it might be great business because although crap, morning zoo “works.” So, doing an end-run around syndication might be a great move because you apply the new technology to a proven format. Except that he does nothing but complain about the radio format. He should have had Bald Bryan do the 50 second explanation for Alison's departure in the Jack Silver voice.

    As for the standing her ground on points, Adam doesn't want that either. He wants Yes-And men. This is obvious because he could “stay in the bit” when the bit becomes Bald being a no man, but Adam will come out of character and get pissed off. Sure, Shaq and Kobe had trouble and broke up, but had they stayed together, in the words of Shaq, they would have “collected rings.”

  • clint357

    Alison, I have always thought that Carolla's show was great but you were the glue that held it all together. Whenever you were not on the show I would skip over it because it was not nearly dynamic enough to sustain interest for more that one rant. I am not the type to post online like this, but I wanted you to know that you really did make the show. Good luck, lots of us will be listening. Also, I would love if you had Bald on your show for an interview.

  • AndrewviaMR

    The main problem is the lack of logic in his on-air explanation. You don't “discover” someone is a bad fit after 4 years. Also, if someone is good enough to last 4 years they are also good enough to be given one or two chances to be coached up. Here is my theory. Alison is the only person that he couldn't berate in his sub-par coaching style. It's just narcissism (narcissists treat other people like crap because they feel like crap and they have trouble with boundaries so they treat others as if they are just extensions of themselves, but Alison as a sweet girl was definitely not an appendage of Adam, and thus couldn't be berated which is why she is the only person who didn't get the verbal beatings about the ears and shoulders- end armchair psychology), which is fine, we all have some (I'm probably displaying some here), but don't blame it on the other person. She's a great sidekick in the sense that she is not contentless filler babble and many of us don't want filler. You just wanted to go in a different direction (contentless filler babble) that you can't perfectly articulate (partly because perhaps you aren't sure it is the right way to go- it is the future after all, but the longer you let someone hang around the worse the change gets so you have to shit or get off the pot even if it is just a gut feeling), which is why people don't try to articulate it and just say “we are going in a different direction.” And in this case I think it is really the truest explanation. I know he'll think he tried to do it in a way that was complimentary but it just came off as a slam (again,the narcissism). And again, the main problem is that the criticism is incorrect (and disses what she's done well at for 4 years and may want to do again in the future). Why not just say you want to emulate what works in radio, if that is what it is? I think people would respect that even if they didn't prefer it. Next time do OUR best!

  • Seth Ratliff

    I'll be listening to your podcast while at work from here on out.

  • the40yroldvirgin

    Alison, I'm glad you did this press release. I believe your story, and it was done in a respectful manner to Adam. I don't think Adam has any real malice towards you, but when he gets into awkward and tough relationship issues he doesn't know how to relate or deal. He himself admits to some degree of social inability/awkwardness. So i don't see this as a war between you too. Just Adam being Adam, and dealing with things the best way he can. You do you, and keep it classy, and the Rosen Nation will go on!

  • the40yroldvirgin

    I don't think the Bald interview is going to happen….

  • the40yroldvirgin

    Yeah this Thursday will be good, on pins and needles….

  • the40yroldvirgin

    this is a good and different take on things

  • the40yroldvirgin


  • BeachyOne

    I can't wait until DAG is back on the show. You just know he will bring it up and make Adam very uncomfortable :^)

  • Taco Farts

    Exposure and nurturing/artistic freedom are different things.

  • Noah Wethir

    I unsubscribed today. I think if everyone who feels this way did, at least Adam would realize he didn't treat Alison well at the end. I will pick and choose my downloads from now on, but it really felt different. It bothers me that he fired her from afar by email. Hasn't he complained about all of the bosses and TV and radio execs who wouldn't man up and talk straight to him? His explanation feels them! Now, it makes it difficult to listen to Adam's side of the story about many incidents. Are we getting the truth? And “Not a fit”?? Alison had the perfect counterpoint to Adam. Every strong show biz personality needs someone to represent the audience and lighten the moment, keep it balanced. Stern has Robin. Same thing. Now, I guess it will be one long rant after another. We'll miss your lightning fast wit, which I don't think will be showcased as much on your own podcasts. Hope he Thursday show continues with the same players.

  • the40yroldvirgin

    I've heard people say that Alison only got traction because all her guests on ARIYNBF were Adam's Sloppy Seconds. Well to that, I say, “HEEEYYY, Go Fuck Yourself.” The ARIYNBF and ACS same guest line up was one of the greatest duos in podcasting history. Take Jo Koy for instance. He goes on ACS and you get all his brilliant comedy and improv. Walk him down the hall and bring him into ARIYNBF studios, and you get the B side. That emotional, real, personal and very revealing side. I secretly wished that everyone of Adam's guest would go on ARIYNBF, simply because of this phenomenon. Forget about chemistry in the studio between the two of them. Outside the studio their two podcasts had chemistry.

    In a way I don't want to know the details about what happened. Like Adam says about Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, and Rosie O'Donnell. If you hear inclings of people being mean or a dick, chances are it's true. Adam will be the first to say he is can be a dick, or has been called a dick by other people. I don't think he is evil or malicious. But whatever happened, and for whatever reasons, the plain facts point to Adam just being Adam. So I say we just leave it as it is. Each side get closure, and we move on.

    Oh by the way, how do I know Alison is a good person. I don't really, because I've never met her. But on the last ARIYBF when Natali Morris said, “You know Alison you were always nice to me in New York….” Chills ran up my spine. Because I could feel Natali really meant it. Despite all her neurotic, sensitive, and crazy ways, Alison really does have a kind and caring heart. You can just sense that. I also believe that deep down Adam has that caring heart too. The only thing is, that it is hard for him to access and show it sometimes. I remember when he talked about Philip the Juggler those tears were real. I do hope Adam can get to the point where he can show more empathy towards people, I think it is possible. Look at Howard Stern today versus the Howard Stern of old. Because of years of therapy and meditation Howard is way more in touch with himself and others.

    Oh well, that's my rant for tonight.
    God bless us one and all in this podcasting universe, because it's a beautiful thing.

  • the40yroldvirgin

    Word Fieldengineer way to put this whole thing in the big picture form a professional point of view. Plus I like the thought of exit interviews being conducted at Carolla Digital.

  • the40yroldvirgin

    yup and Stern has given robin many gifts, and accolades over the years…

  • MMDC

    Sorry if this comment has been made before but have to note this explanation: Alison you just got married and are hopefully soon to be pregnant with a beautiful baby. That will change your life, your perspective, and your role in entertainment; and you will not fit into Adam's world on ACS any more. Nobody except Adam wants to hear a wonderful new mom say “zip it cunt” every day (silver lining for me: I never hear that stupid forced phrase from you again). It's pretty clear: Adam fired you right now so that he would not have to deal with firing you later when your role inevitably changes — which may include a time when you are pregnant, when firing you could indeed be illegal. He did not want to be bothered with actually working out any of this with you personally (and of course the 'mom' podcast spot on Carolla Digital is already taken by his talentless cold blooded wife). Adam's corporate/station manager/Hollywood excuse on the air is insulting to every listener to his show who has half a brain; it lacked not only kindness but even simple honesty or integrity. For myself, I will never listen to Adam's show again because someone who acts like that cannot be worth listening to; there are better things to do with your time. Alison you are a really insightful, heartwarming and funny person who will write a new chapter for all this, or better yet a different book, and build something else. I am looking forward to seeing or hearing whatever that is and wish you all the best.

  • ETM

    Adam (the guy who always has something to say) was searching for words and had none. Alison is way to accepting of it and even supporting Adams actions in her tweets. They are both trying to play way too nice for a out of the blue firing by email. There is more to this.

  • AndrewviaMR

    Is this why Jo Koy looks like he is crying?

  • Honorarius

    I've unsubscribed to the ACS now as well… I might look in on it in 6 months to see how it's going, but as for now, it's unlistenable…

  • screatus


  • screatus

    You are a “PODSHIP” the ship that gets ejected from the larger ship to escape the confusion that is happening on said larger ship and are now free, safe and calm to float along to build your own fleet of command…..PODSHIP “TM”

  • NewBF

    “Alison! I can't believe you are leaving ACS! I'm in shock. You will be thoroughly missed. I will follow you on your “love wagon” or whatever mode of transportation you end up deeming most appropriate. What will become of the Thursday show? Will the gang still get together? I hope so!
    I can't help but wonder what went down. I'm sure you will do a wonderful job relaying the info to us in the weeks to come.”
    Ditto that, and that although I used to be a loyal ACE listener, once I found ARIYNBF I stopped listening, thank goodness, because his politics in particular are getting intolerable. Alison, we all love you, and know this is going to be a great thing in the long run. I know this is a really tough time with the many issues happening at once* but crises like these lead to the most exciting and powerful change. We love you, and really hope the Thursday gang still stay “a thing” b/c THAT is what chemistry is all about. You know what Adam Carolla, – “HEY, HEY, HEY Go FUCK YOURSELF!”
    * (on the infertility note, we went through it, did open adoption, and could not be more in love with our thoroughly brilliant and amazing and stunningly cute and hysterically funny boy. I recommend not driving yourself into the nuthouse or poorhouse doing endless IVF, give it a reasonable try or two, then move on, IMHO).

  • NewBF

    Yeah, it's ironic because I listened to the beginning of that ACE show and Gina Grad was waxing on about how ACE arranged for an on-air farewell for the Conway show when their station flipped and meanwhile…

  • NewBF


  • NewBF


  • NewBF

    Exact same for me. This is more commenting than I have done in the last several years combined.

  • NewBF

    Yeah, no thanks was given, it'strue. Lame

  • NewBF

    Mos Def!

  • Mike H.

    Alison, I was sorry to hear about your departure from Adam's show. I've been in a similar situation and admire the way you've handled it. It's just business and things like this happen. Think of it as a beginning, not and end. I'm eager to support your new endeavors and will continue to rave to my friends about your show.

  • Djeridoo

    you know what i mean

    you know what i mean

    you know what i mean

  • Mike Mair

    Wtf? I miss Allison already on the ACS, it's not the same. Hang in there, I love you . Your podcast rules!

  • Andrea K

    What's a Kroeker?

  • Geoff

    90 minutes every day, coupled with your podcast….this was an unbelievable shock! You were a wonderful addition to the show and I hope Daniel has thoroughly knocked you up! Thank you best friend.

  • Kola

    I've commented on another forum but just thought I would say that this was so distasteful that I will no longer listen to Adam Carolla. I've spent years as a devoted fan but the whole situation smacks of b.s. and has turned me off for good. It was part of my day–I put on my headphones and walk the dog and listen and laugh. However, recently its been getting unbearable because of Adam…but you are awesome. Of all the episodes in the last year, my favorite shows were when you and Bryan held down the fort while Adam was off filming his movie. Without him instilling fear in his crew, you all were relaxed and sounded happier and funnier and did an excellent job interviewing the guests (read: showed them proper respect). So happy for you that you now have the freedom to shine everyday!

  • Malcolm Robert

    I think I know what you mean do You know what you mean?
    I had to skip the ep after about 20min to the Wed ep “New Beginning” Great little round table.
    Love the show you know what mean?

  • Chilly

    Happened with Bonaduce now Alison, Adam has an ego the size of a small country. It's his show, he's the star and the sidekick is just that. he needs someone to just nod and maybe say yes once in a while and but that's it. You get too big for your britches your'e out on your ass.
    Look out Bald Brian, nobody's safe.

  • AndrewviaMR

    Ummm, btw, Jo Koy is great.

  • Eric Youngstrom

    He explained in on yesterday's podcast. She did not contribute enough.

  • sansured

    You know….much of the charm of Adam's podcast was the family like familiarity & bond that you sensed between Adam-Alison-&Bald. For example Adam getting choked up just recalling Bald's brush with death. It was also obvious that Adam was always respectful & even protective of Alison. I got the unmistakable impression that Adam was very loyaI & protective of his main people. I liked that sense of camaraderie. Something substantial must have happened that we are not being told about.

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