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Something nuts about nuts

I think it’s interesting that more people would like to know what it feels like to get punched in the nuts than how to properly fondle nuts.

Oh goodness, I’ve totally crossed over into not safe for work waters, huh?

Anyway, I should be doing pre-Red Eye things but I just noticed the views were tipped in a certain direction on YouTube.

Ok bye.

Oh and someone named Sooper Trev started a Facebook group dedicated to this most [some funny word here] of [something else funny.]

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the plug!

    I LOVE YOU!!!

    – Trev


    Who doesn’t love nuts??

    I mean, except for people that are allergic to nuts.


    Mr. T in that Snickers commercial where he shoots snickers bars out of a tank at some gay girly walking guy. GET SOME NUTS!!!!

    And that multi-part episode of RENO 911 where the sheriff in Reno dies from eating a candy bar with tons of nuts in it because he is allergic to nuts. HI-LARIOUS!!


  • Trapp

    Nuts are awesome. They’re my whole life.

    And maybe I’m just a romantic fool, but I’ve always believed that one day, I’d meet that one special girl who would want to store my nuts in her cheeks.

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