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Foiled Again!

I have an unhealthy fascination with reality shows along with a whole host of far-flung theories about what their proliferation means which perhaps I’ll one day foist upon the world in a book of staid, inscrutable and self-satisfied cultural critical essays referencing things like the Frankfurt school and tropes. In the meantime though I’d just like to make out with all the producers of Joe Schmo. And so for reasons both adulterated and un, I was looking forward to MTV’s Reality Show Awards Show, which I didn’t realize only concerned reality shows that had aired on MTV. I mean, entire categories were based just on Punk’d. The whole show could have been packaged as a Top 100 Outrageous Moments in MTV Reality Shows or A Look Back at MTV Reality Shows or Ashton Kutcher Did Not Just Say That Ohmigod. The Awards Show conceit was quite a stretch though, and I could have been watching I Love the 80s or SVU. Network, please!

  • fairest

    Alison I sent you an embarassing flirty message at MYSpace. Funny.

  • Blicero

    Earlier this summer I was working on a piece based on Room Raiders, in which the three females are a leper, a mermaid, and a ghost. I thought it was funny at the time. I may go back to it at some point.

  • alison

    haha! I want to write a spoof of room raiders where the guy finds dead bodies in the closet and the giggly girls can’t believe he found those and he did not just say that! (that being probably “I’m not really feelin’ that so much”)

  • Anonymous

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